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Excite Lingerie
Bon Voyage  
Excite present the first collection -Bon Voyage  

Expect Excite participation in the April edition of Pret-a-Porte where we will present our new collections.

Fall Collection  
Enjoy the new lines of our Fall Collection -Chantilly, Belle Epoque, Versailese  
Summer Time  
Cool lingerie for the hot summer, Excite presents four exciting new lines: "16 Again", "Mint Shake", "Push Up Style" and "Sparkling Girl"  
Get ready to celebrate with Excite and the bright colors of "Fireworks" our latest collection! In stores by Christmas.  
Spring Jewel  
Get yourself a real "Spring Jewel" look for the new collection from Excite Lingerie. In stores NOW!!!  
Belle De Jour  
Introducing "Belle De Jour". Give yourself a beautiful day with our new collection!  
Black Label  
Excite has just released another collection. Enjoy the bold and sexylook of "Black Label"  
Under The Rose  
We are proud to present the first official Excite Lingerie collection. The name of theline is "Under The Rose.  
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